GF_Floral Mug
GF_Garden Pole
GF_Jacobean Bag
GF_Outdoor Rug
GF_Pop Florals Card
GF_Rose Boxes
GF_Framed Chinoiserie
GF_Cosmos Bucket
GF_Tulip Flag

Although she refers to herself as an “East Coast girl,” Gail Flores has been living in the Midwest for many years. Born and raised in coastal New Jersey, she graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Illustration. After graduation, she migrated to Kansas City to work for Hallmark Cards.

Since retiring from Hallmark, Gail has developed a vibrant licensing business. Her designs can be seen on greeting cards, paperware, flags, rugs and home decor.


Gail is constantly inspired by her garden and paints directly from life.  “Each painting is a new adventure. I find flowers are the most challenging subjects to capture, since Nature’s version is so perfect to begin with.” Gail has continued to experiment with new technology (painting with digital media in mind) and designs for a wide variety of products. In order to keep her hand in teaching, she does local watercolor workshops focusing on new techniques and current trends.